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Perfectly Logical Reasons to Sell Your House for Cash

Thinking of selling your house? If you’re looking for the quick and straightforward route, then selling it to a cash investor may be your best bet. There are many good reasons.

Increased Flexibility

A cash buyer is not a family looking for a place to call their home. They are investors who would like to make a profit. Hence, they are more willing to work around your specific circumstances.

Are you selling your house in line with a divorce settlement? Struggling with an underwater mortgage? Cash investors will work with you according to your needs.

But that’s not all the flexibility cash investors can offer. In general, you can even pick your own closing date. That’s hardly possible with an agent. If you need the sale to close quickly, this is certainly a huge advantage. Cash buyers normally have no trouble keeping to an aggressive timeline, whether it’s one week or a few months.

No Repairs or Renovation

As you may know, most houses require tons of repairs so it can sell the traditional way. Agents will tell you to make your property spic-and-span and gorgeous so it can attract interest from buyers. If your reason for selling the house is to meet a financial need, this is going to be a huge problem. However, cash buyers will purchase your property as-is, meaning you need not spend a penny on it as they will take care of everything the moment you close.

No Fees, Contingencies and Commissions

When reviewing offers, you shouldn’t only look into the actual amounts given. In fact, there will be so many other factors that can pull up the final number. Agent’s commission, for instance. As part of the negotiation, you may also end up footing some of the buyer’s fees (for example, appraisal). If you sell to a cash investor, you get the actual amount offered.It will be the exact amount that will show up in your bank account.

No Worries over Financing

Say, after many long weeks or months of waiting, you finally have a buyer. They make an offer that seems quite good. They ask for a few acceptable contingencies and are on the path to closing. And then they drop the bomb: bank disapproved their loan application. What does that put you, the seller? Back to the drawing board. That nightmare scenario is just plain impossible with a cash buyer.

Selling to an investor, you don’t have to worry about where the buyer will get the funds to pay you, and whether or not they actually can. The transaction only involves you and the investor. The nature of the deal itself removes the most uncertain step in the house-selling process.

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